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Friday, December 2, 2011

Who Are You?

My name is Tiffany and I am new to this blogging thing. This entry is off topic for my blog but I just wanted to introduce myself to the blogosphere. I'm not sure where to begin or why I am beginning, but let's do this! I find myself very perplexed with everything today. I am caught up in a tailspin consisting of football, Facebook drama, small children and the day to day challenges of life in general. Sometimes I feel like I am stuck on The Scrambler. Remember that amusement park ride? You are revolving around in your own little compartment meanwhile your own little revolving "you-iverse" is being slung in different directions. I portray this persona online that is not very much like me in real life. Online I am outspoken, opinionated and eloquent. In real life, I am pretty shy and reserved (except among close friends and family) and get tripped up when speaking publicly. The personalities change but the views are the same. I don't hold back a whole lot and have strong opinions. There are not too many gray areas with me and I haven't quite figured out if that is a positive or a negative. Sometimes I feel like the Wicked Witch or the Big Bad Wolf among peers in my social networking circles. Sharing is caring, right? I don't ask that anyone agree with me. If I manage to change your perception on something with facts and valid points, great, but if you change your position on something just to merely fit in to some group or fit some preconceived mold that just shows your lack of conviction and weakness of mind. No regrets. I'm not here to offend, disrespect or put down (well, not intentionally anyway). I do advise, however, that if you are easily offended this may not be the blog for you. Think freely, speak boldly, live wholly.

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